Virtual Safaris

Our guides will also report on “game sightings” that are seen “live” from each National Park, Game reserve & Conservancy. This can be up-loaded on a platform where guests can “virtually visit any Park / Reserve” and enjoy the “instant game sightings” that our guides are viewing. However, there should be “no tracking of these vehicles officially” as this could also aid poachers with information.  Tracking must be done from a confidential platform. Information on game sightings can be used by camps / lodges and Safari Operators on their social media and make Kenya into a “virtual Safari Destination” that cares about its wildlife and local communities. Alternatively, clients can go on a “virtual game drive” and select any itinerary they would like to do virtually. Donations can then be channeled through various platforms to support the community, aid rangers and anti-poaching surveillance units which are Safari vehicles & guides.