Wildlife Conservation

What We Do

We provided water and hay to aid wildlife conservation during the drought season in the Lumo Conservancy. Lions Bluff Lodge and Community Wildlife & Conservation spearheaded this initiative.

Environmental Initiatives

In our community, we are actively involved in supporting wildlife Conservation. To rescue wildlife in our area during the drought, we provided hay, rock salt, and water to some of Lumo Conservancy’s waterholes. This initiative required us to provide 16,000 litres of water every third day to ensure the survival of animals during the drought season. It was a challenging task, but our tireless effort and dedication helped us to make a positive difference. We extend our efforts beyond the watering hole to other areas of the conservancy. 

Anti-Poaching & Desnaring: Our wildlife rangers are not only committed but are actually bravely defying poachers and traversing dangerous terrains to locate and safely remove harmful poacher snares, protecting the precious animals in Tsavo, Kenya. Our rangers are experts in their field, utilizing their years of experience to outsmart and outmaneuver the poachers, giving our beloved wildlife a fighting chance at survival in their natural habitat. We could not be more grateful for their hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety, welfare, and preservation of our wildlife.

Local Community Awareness: We are passionate about educating the next generation in wildlife conservation. As part of our efforts, we recently took Several primary school students on a comprehensive tour of our magnificent game reserve to teach them about the importance of wildlife conservation. The visit aimed to broaden the children’s knowledge, inspire them to love and appreciate the wildlife, and become ambassadors of conservation. Our efforts also extend to offering wildlife talks and game drives inside Lumo Conservancy, and a bush cinema for children showing wildlife documentaries. By doing so, we are raising awareness of the need to preserve and protect the unique and wondrous ecosystem that we are blessed to inhabit.

In summary: our dedication to preserving and protecting our beautiful wildlife, and raising awareness of its importance spans across multiple areas of action. Through the efforts of our rangers, we continue to fight poachers and locate harmful snares, while the community and local children’s programs ensure the next generation understands the vital role of conservation in sustaining the ecosystem for all and preserving the way of life for future generations.