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What defines us

What We Do

Community Wildlife & Conservation is a dynamic non-governmental organization dedicated to community development and conservation efforts. We work to engage with local communities, promote sustainable practices, and protect our environment for future generations. Conservation can only happen IF the community benefits from it.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create a harmonious balance between community welfare and conservation goals.

The Challenges We Face

  • As responsible members of society, we must tackle numerous challenges that demand our attention and dedication to make a positive impact.
  • The lack of access to essential nutrition, which causes communities to struggle to obtain the sustenance required for survival and growth, is one of the most pressing issues.
  • Women and girls face an added challenge of the lack of access to sanitary towels, which is a critical necessity.
  • Additionally, with technology rapidly evolving, digital literacy is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. Empowering communities with skills, resources, and confidence is imperative to create positive transformations in their lives.
  • Lastly, we cannot overlook critical issues like animal poaching and wildlife snaring, which jeopardize the ecological balance and survival of many species.

Our Objectives are:

WHAT we do

Support Local Communities

Support School Kids

E-learning platforms such as the KICD (Kenya Education Cloud) for “Out of the Classroom Learning” can be used for students out of school which they can access through their parents’ phone or other gadgets that can perhaps be sponsored or purchased at a later stage.

Food Donations

It is vital that local communities are supported during this difficult time. With NO income from conservancies, parks & reserves, communities surrounding the parks are suffering and eventually facing starvation...Click Title to Read More

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WHAT we do

Create Employment

Employment to Youths

With the vast knowledge that the local youth - Morani warrior have and the training they have received in managing the wild life they get to provide security to the tourists hence making a little income. The women and elderly get to benefit from selling their handcrafted ornaments.

Local Tour Guide

The Tours & Safaris Industry plays a major role in creating employment opportunities for local communities through the employment of local tour guides.

WHAT we do

Protect Wildlife & Conservation

Anti-Poaching & Bush Meat Trade

Due to lack of Tourism and direct income derived from that, our Game Reserves / Parks / Conservancies may not be able to sustain their full range of staff members for surveillance of the parks. There could be an opportunity for increased poaching / illegal wildlife trade or bush meat trade as a result of communities not being able to feed themselves or being forced to engage in such activities for income. We work closely with the Game Rangers to stop poaching through security enhancement, and sensitize the locals on dangers poaching.

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WHAT we do

Market Local Tourism

Film Production & Documentaries

The key to launch this project successfully is to offer the viewers captivating, high quality “live content” directly from various National Parks, Reserves and Conservancies. This will not only showcase Kenya’ unique nature, but offer the client a connected experience on an emotional level to our precious wildlife and of “being in nature” with our guides. This is a perfect way to generate revenue via donations and therefore being able to support the communities and the wildlife in Kenya as well as offering employment to Safari Guides!