Community Wildlife and Conservation is a Non-Governmental Organization that was founded during the Covid 19 pandemic with the aim of supporting the local community, conserving wildlife, and promoting local tourism

Featured This Month

Our Mission

Nurturing The Future

We continue our mission with unwavering dedication by donating food and learning materials to Latika Primary School that will sustain them for the next 3 months. 

Witnessing the healthy growth of these young souls is truly fulfilling and reinforces our commitment to making a positive impact.

Our Commitment

Feeding Scheme Enhancements

Our commitment to Latika Primary School extends beyond providing food. Thanks to the generous assistance of Sue and Jaki, two of our esteemed guests at Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge, we are making significant strides in constructing a functional and secure kitchen for the pupils.

Furthermore, we have taken additional steps to enhance the school’s infrastructure. We have provided and installed gutters for water catchment, along with a 10,000-liter water tank to ensure a reliable water supply. Additionally, we are proud to support the salaries of one teacher and one cook, further supporting the educational environment for the students.

Construction of an ICT lab

Tech for Tomorrow

With the incredible support of multiple donors, we embarked on an exciting project in February – the construction of an ICT lab within Mlughi School. This facility will have the capacity to accommodate up to 30 children and is expected to be fully completed by June.

The ICT lab is more than just a building; it represents a beacon of opportunity for the entire community. We are thrilled to announce that the lab will offer free education, empowering children and adults alike with valuable digital skills and knowledge.

We are immensely grateful to our generous donors for making this vision a reality, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact the ICT lab will have on the community’s educational journey.

Ol Malaika Home

Brighter Smiles

In an extraordinary display of collaboration, we are proud to announce that for the second time within a year, we have joined hands with Ol Malaika home to host and organize a remarkable dental clinic in our area. 

This initiative has opened doors for the local community to access top-tier dental care provided by highly skilled and qualified dentists from various countries.

Our aim was to ensure that the community received the highest quality dental care, promoting oral health and well-being among our residents.

Tree Planting Project

Natures Blessing

After experiencing a devastating drought that resulted in the loss of numerous animals across various Kenyan parks and conservancies, and causing food shortages for many people, we are thrilled to report that the long-awaited rain has finally arrived. As a result, Lumo has become greener than ever, with trees and shrubs sprouting up and covering the remnants of the drought’s devastation.

To further enhance the greenery of the region, we took this opportunity to embark on a tree planting project. Along Soroi Lions Bluff Hill, we planted a total of 569 trees, all of which were purchased from local nurseries. By doing so, we are not only contributing to the protection of biodiversity but also supporting local communities and businesses.

Anti-poaching Initiative

Victory in the wild

Throughout this year, we have formed a strong partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service to combat the relentless issue of poaching.

We take great pride in announcing that our collective efforts have yielded significant results. The frequency of these tragic incidents has notably decreased thanks to our joint initiatives. 

Our dedicated team conducts regular patrols using the vehicle generously donated by SWS (or CWC or LB?) and, as a recent addition, a fast motorbike, making it increasingly challenging for poachers to carry out their activities.

Furthermore, we have successfully removed numerous snares from the Conservancy, mitigating the immediate threats posed to the local wildlife. By taking proactive measures and diligently safeguarding the area, we are making significant strides in the preservation of these precious species.

African wild dogs are considered among the most successful hunters in the wild due to their remarkable hunting strategy of teamwork.

At CWC, we strongly believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration, just like the African wild dogs. If you’re inspired to make a difference and support our mission against poaching or our educational initiatives for local communities, you can contribute by donating through the provided link. Your generous contribution will help us further our efforts and protect wildlife and empower the communities we serve.