Lets Make a Difference

Who We Are

THE COMMUNITY & WILDLIFE CONSERVATION was founded by Sunworld Safaris in April 2020 with a vision to make a difference. Our main objectives are supporting local communities through food donations & educational materials, creating job opportunities for local tour guides, protecting wild animals from poaching and marketing local tourism in Kenya.

Who We Are

Community Wildlife is a Non-Governmental Organization that was found during the Covid 19 pandemic with the aim to support the local community, wildlife Conservation & Market local tourism.

Our Long Term Objectives

  • Education on conservation of wildlife for children in remote villages surrounding game reserves / conservancies and parks through providing game drives & education in local languages (such as Maa)
  • Providing jobs for youths and particularly women in de-snaring projects / clean ups / training in Camps / Lodges etc.
  • Tree planting exercises to protect biodiversity and education on the same
  • Establishment of anti-poaching unit in the long term with female anti-poaching unit
  • Support of existing anti-poaching units / organizations
  • Roping in stakeholders to contribute to Fund through direct contributions from guests staying at their properties / Safari companies donating on each guest taking a safari

The Challenges We Face


The Safari Industry is hard hit with zero income since mid-March 2020! Bookings for the Tourist “Peak Season” (July to October) are currently being cancelled or postponed. Many Tour Operators, Hotels and Lodges face grave challenges in having to make staff members redundant, offering substantial pay cuts or sending their staff on unpaid leaves / furloughs.

The Government of Kenya is not able to support the Private Sector with “bail-outs” as other countries in Europe or the US are currently receiving. Driver/ Guides are sitting at home, idle, having been laid off or on heavy pay cuts. Survival is difficult for everyone.

Safari vehicles are parked in our yards with no work, yet overhead costs have to be met. With many passionate guides focused on conservation, these guides can be utilized to flock our National parks, game reserves & conservancies, use our Safari vehicles and report to rangers and wardens any “activity” that may be suspicious. “Activity” in the park acts as a “deterrent” for poachers and this is one aspect where surveillance units can work well.

These must be out “day & night” to ensure surveillance is 24 hours. Our guides / vehicles can “AID” rangers in their work and support conservation efforts.

What We Have Accomplished

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