CWC Eco Rangers

On 16, September 2023, Community & Wildlife Conservation, launched CWC Eco Rangers. A movement that involves primary schools’ pupils from age 8 years to 15 years, to create awareness on the importance of wildlife conservation among the primary school pupils, that is, the younger generation. A total of 155 pupils were enrolled into the movement. […]

CWC Eco Rangers- Maktau Primary School

CWC Eco Rangers of Maktau Primary School planned for a Tree Planting activity at Maktau Police Base. They had made an indigenous seedbed at their school compound as part of their environmental conservation project. From that, they had 35 indigenous seedlings for planting during the activity. They invited us to join, and our community liaison […]

National Tree Growing Day

On 13th November, 2023, National Tree Growing Day, CWC participated in a tree planting activity at LUMO Community Wildlife Conservancy. CWC contributed 600 seedlings out of the 1400 seedlings that were planted during the activity. Lions bluff Lodge staff, LUMO Conservancy management and staff, and over 200 community members participated. Among the dignitaries present were […]

Latika Primary Medical Check-Up

Dr. Berger and friends, visited Latika Primary School and general medical check-up for pupils between 5 months to 10 years. A total of 42 pupils came, accompanied by a parents and guardians. 30 students were from Latika Primary, while the other 12, being their siblings who had not yet joined school. All the children got […]

Plastics For Books

The project kicked on 16th September 2023, where a total of 31 primary schools were involved in a clean-up activity at the conservancy who collected two trunks of plastics. In reward, each school received four books while some five. The activity pioneered “Plastics for Books” project. During the month, the project kicked off, involving 10 […]